Church Advisory Services

Consulting for Churches and Other Religious Organizations

Church Financial Advisory Services Today, churches and religious groups face a new era of accountability, regulation, and scrutiny never seen before. To ensure your accounting practices are exemplary, its critical to enlist the support of a CPA firm that not only holds a reputation for integrity but is experienced in dealing with the challenges you face. Church Power Accounting offers an impeccable track record in the accounting industry and understands how faith-based organizations operate. We can show you how to maintain proper financial reporting and implement acceptable accounting procedures in your church administration. With our assistance, you'll make informed financial decisions, ensure the proper treatment of charitable contributions, incorporate the best stewardship practices, and control costs so more of your funding benefits your congregation and the local community.

Church Power Accounting is dedicated to helping faith-based organizations become stronger so they can thrive and grow. Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss the needs of your church, temple, synagogue or other house of worship with an experienced CPA firm.

Our church consulting and financial advisory services include:

  • Outsourced CFO services
  • Strategic and financial consulting
  • Facility development and expansion plans
  • Information security
  • Software needs assessment
  • Wealth advisory and asset management
  • Training and educational seminars
  • Discussions with parishioners about stewardship and financial planning
  • Liason for ministerial staff and board members
  • Risk management studies
  • Multi-facility use studies
  • Liason between church committee and landing institutions
  • Direction on investment of liquid assets